USBDOS Help by TomCat
Preface: a slide from my previous seminar

Let's see the building blocks of an USBDOS:

1. the OS
FreeDOS 1.2

Make any of your USB drives bootable.
You can do it by getting an image from
but Rufus make it much more easier:
2. the File Manager
Volkov Commander 4.99.08 alpha

by pressing F4 you can run an extarnal file editor,
this is my settings in the config file VCEDIT.EXT

You can download it from here:
3. the Assembler
flat assembler

You can compile comfortably from FASMD editor by pressing F9.
To run FASMD you need DPMI host, the best one is CWSDPMI r7,
you can find it here:
put it into your AUTOEXEC.BAT with this option: CWSDPMI.EXE -p

Download the assembler from here:
4. the File Editor
Hiew 6.50

You can switch between view modes by Enter key.
This is the best tool to examine the compiled code
what more, you can edit it by pressing F3.

Download the editor from here:
5. the Debugger
Open Watcom Debugger 1.9

To run WD.EXE you need a lot of memory,
don't forget to include HIMEMX.EXE and JEMM386.EXE
in CONFIG.SYS as a device.
a mouse driver, like CuteMouse is useful too.

Download the debugger from here:
As a bonus here is my latest custom SETUP.DBG file, grab it!
+1. the Extra
Custom Boot Intro Tool

Boot with your favorite tiny intro!
Warning: Choose an intro, which has escape support!

Download the tool from here:

Please write comments and questions here: